Each year millions of children flee their homes to escape armed conflict. Growing up in exile, sometimes orphaned or separated from loved ones, they are often haunted by violence and loss – but also resilient enough to envision better days ahead.


Do You See What I See lets young refugees shine a light on their world and share it with others. Through writing and photography workshops led by The Most Important Picture's Brendan Bannon, they learn to capture their observations in a few lines of poignant prose or a single striking photograph.


In these words and images they reveal loss and longing, hope and fear, simple pleasures and complex emotions. Do you see what they see?

I dreamed that I grew many vegetables and I watered them every time.
And I was very proud of it.
And I took good care.


-Isabel (Osire Refugee Camp, Namibia)


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I have a brown color with black brown eyes, black hair and soft skin and I think I am a special girl. I am from Burundi. I usually help my mother with work at home. My mother is a refugee woman. 35 years as a refugee. She lived in Burundi then Rwanda. She was 10 or 11. She was an orphan. No father, no mother. Raised by anyone who would appear to care for her. She married in Rwanda. When the war in Rwanda started, she ran to Congo with my father and five children. She ran.