A project to create a global portrait of HIV and AIDS through the eyes of the children ophaned by the disease. The Most Important Picture traveled to areas in Uganda heavily impacted by HIV and conducted workshops with teens affected by HIV and AIDS to teach them basic photography skills and empower them to tell their stories. 


The images and texts from this project highlight the people who are surviving, in spite of the fear, misunderstanding and discrimination that surround their disease. 


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I believe I can fly.
I took this image because I know one day, one time, I will fly and travel in some countries...

I also know that I can work hard in order to get to my goals.

Even if my parents are dead, I know I will fly through photography. 


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This is the place where video tapes are sold...and it is near the chicken in Busia they have the lend of watching the films some of the children they steal their mother's money and so them are trained how to sing and to dance example like her they come and take the tapes to go and watch.